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Hardwood Flooring Care Will Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Fantastic

Hardwood remains the preferred choice of flooring for kitchen floor contractors. And it is easy to maintain. Hardwood is more durable than laminate or engineered hardwood and can be refinished several times. It will bring beauty and warmth to your home for many years and increase its value. It is important to care for hardwood floors on an ongoing basis. There are four key aspects to hardwood floor care.

1. Hardwood floor cleaning

2. Hardwood floor repair

3. Hardwood floor refinishing

4. Hardwood floor protection

Maintain a Clean Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors can be difficult to clean. Grit and dirt will cause scratches and marks and must be removed immediately. Dust is also easier to see on wood floors than on carpets or linoleum. This is especially true if it is exposed to sunlight and if the floor has dark stains. You should sweep and dust hardwood floors at least once a week and after any other events that may leave dirt or grit. Regular household dusting and the use of cleaning products can cause damage. Only hardwood-specific products should be used. Vacuuming can be more effective than sweeping as dirt and dust are pulled out between the boards. Use a vacuum that has a bare-floor attachment, not a beaterbar, to avoid damage to the wood.

You should use a cleaning technique that suits the floor’s finish if you require a more thorough cleaning. If the floor has a glossy look, it is likely that polyurethane (or a water-based Urethane) has been applied to protect the hardwood. It is protected by a penetrating oil/wax seal if it has a matte look. While water is not acceptable for cleaning with either of these finishes, they can both be used to clean a damp-mop surface. This is a surface cleaning method that does not use enough water to penetrate hardwood oiled and waxed. A neutral pH hardwood floor cleaner can be added to water to help you clean oiled and waxed hardwood. A glossy protective barrier on the floor can accept a generic hardwood flooring cleaner, provided it doesn’t contain any oil or wax.