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Combi Oven Benefits

A Combi-Oven allows you to combine 3 different cooking functions in one piece. This makes it one of the most versatile pieces that any kitchen can own. This oven is also known as a combi oven and microwave. It can be fan-driven or dry heat etherstill, and can also use steam that can be injected in the oven to cook the food.

Combi-Ovens offer many advantages over other catering equipment. They produce perfectly roasted tender joints. By cooking in steam, the meat doesn’t dry out or lose moisture. This saves you weight.

Vegetables that are steam in a Combi-Oven, instead of being boiled in water, retain more of their natural goodness. It is possible to preserve delicate fish’s flavour and texture by steaming them in a combination oven.

A fan-driven convection oven is the best for baking. It evenly heats the oven cavity and ensures that all goods are cooked perfectly.

It’s easy to bring prepared food up to the right temperature quickly, eliminating the need for cooking food for prolonged periods.

You can use the Combi-Oven for cooking, baking, roasting, as well as dry frying chips or other similar foods.

It may seem that cooking with so many different flavors in the oven will be difficult because of all the different flavours. However, many kitchens are capable of roasting chickens to gently steaming fish or making deserts without taste transfer. Many ovens come equipped with a self cleaning function to help remove any remaining flavours.

Combi Ovens come in different sizes to suit various kitchen sizes. They aren’t just for big kitchen operations. There are also many models that can be used by small caterers and larger ovens for larger kitchens. An easy way to determine the size of your oven is to first determine how much and what kind of foods you’ll be cooking. A trusted supplier will also be able help you with this calculation and make recommendations.